Of York walking not very often, and just like cats, accustomed to the tray. Also it makes sense to teach young puppies to a certain place until, until they begin to walk on the street and suffering from walking to walking with a toilet. There are, of course, and careless owners who do not take the pet for a walk, but if they compare their just afraid the dog walkers brothers will understand what a serious mistake you have made.
как научить щенка той терьера ходить в туалет на пеленку
The technique accustom the puppy to the tray is simple enough. And the easier things will start to happen sooner and methodically you to this business get started. Ideally, in the moment when you are brought into the apartment of a puppy, immediately put disposable diaper in any place that suits you as a dog toilet. The main requirement for such a location is its accessibility to pet without someone's outside help, if it's a bathroom, its door should always be ajar. When the puppy will get used to going on the diaper, it is necessary to shift into the tray, eventually removing the diaper completely.
как ухаживать за екшурскуи терьер
Start to look very carefully at the dog, at a time when she will going to make your "small" business, it must be on the diaper and when she's there will do, immediately praise and cuddle. It is also desirable to catch the puppy, pristraivaetsya in the wrong place with the obvious intent, and exactly the same procedure to send where now is his toilet. In the first two weeks it is necessary to do it constantly, in no case do not scold the puppy, and don't forget to praise him methodically.
ошейник для йорка
Some repression can be entered only when pet is wholly knows where is his toilet, and what he should do. That is, if the puppy went to the location it is necessary to praise, but if he had been caught trying to celebrate the need in the wrong place, it should be a little scold and immediately drag to the tray. There again, to caress.
Как приучить собаку к новому хозяину
At the same time to punish the pet only if he caught him in the process. But if he has time to move away from the crime scene, the beater will not work, the dog just does not understand what it is punished.
йокшырский терьер как приучить к лотку