Like all toy dogs, the Pekingese is difficult. The breeders of these dogs are noted for their stubbornness, a tendency to dominate. Sometimes Pekingese happy to get into fights. Thus they are very affectionate, jealous and can not tolerate loneliness.
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The main dog's question – the mode of walking. To walk adult Pekingese preferably 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes. Puppies require more frequent walks – 4-5 times a day. Long marathons Pekingesem contraindicated – they should not overdo it. If you are unable to provide the Pekingese needs a regime of walking, buy toilet tray for small dogs (with special column for males). This tray will help out in too cold or rainy days – Pekingese do not like the cold and damp.
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Be sure to teach your Pekingese to the collar and leash. Well and to buy him a suit for wet weather. Before you take it out the dog in all this ammunition in the yard, work out at home – the dog needs to get used to his new outfit.If the dog did something wrong, do not yell at him and, especially, not spanked. Your pet may simply be frightened, not understanding what he is being punished. Calm, stern voice chastised dog. Pekingese are stubborn, but quite intelligent.
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The luxurious coat of the Pekingese is a big concern for their owners. Buy massage brush and rare metal comb with rounded teeth for combing out tangles possible. Problem areas Pekingese – collar, underarms and luxury "pants". It was there that the hair can slide. Do not allow this.Teach your puppy calmly to daily brushing. Even if your dog participates in exhibitions, it should look neat. Do not play with him while scratching the dog should not assume brushes and combs no toys or torture tools.
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Pekingese need to communicate. Even adult dogs like to play. Buy dog soft balls – smooth, he just can't take in the mouth. To have your dog did not become fearful and reclusive, as much as possible communicate with her. Half an hour everyday pet need. No matter how stressful, whatever your schedule will include conversations with the dog and scratching it behind the ear. Pekingese need not only gentle words, but in the tactile contact.
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The Pekingese is a very intelligent dog, but it does not apply to service dogs do not have to understand you perfectly. Bring Slippers in his teeth he, too, is unlikely. But he quickly remember his nickname, learn the command "Fu", "Walk", "me" and "Place". Repeat the command more often and be sure to encourage your dog the favorite treat for the correct execution.
If you have children, do not allow them to continue to squeeze dog to chase her, to engage in noisy games. Your pet should be able to relax. Remember that he has a pretty fragile psyche, in adverse conditions, the dog can become nervous and even aggressive. But with a calm and good attitude he will be skittish, but very friendly – the way it must be real and Pekingese.