Select the store appropriate tray according to the size of the dog and its gender. For males make special trays with the column.
как котёнка приучить к туалету в потпале
Think about where best to equip latrine for dogs. It is important that the tray is not "moved" from room to room and was always in the same "quiet" corner. Put it in the tray of an old newspaper, sprinkle them with urine dog a better buy at the pet store special scented diaper. If you have a dog, don't forget about column tray. Column you can sprinkle it with not only his urine, but the urine of other males or females, which in the midst of the sexual cycle (estrus).
как надо воспитывать таксу
Feed your pet strictly by the hour to it as soon as possible accustomed to the regime.
как приучить собаку ходить в туалет на дома
Lock the dog in some time in one of the rooms, after removing out of the carpet. Constantly monitor the dog. After some time, she will inevitably want to relieve themselves. At the first signs of restlessness take her by the collar, move to the tray and show me where is the "right place". Of course, the dog will initially resist, but the smell of their own (or others') feces can attract her attention, and she will remember the corner where the tray is.
как научить собаку ходить в туалет в одно место маленькую собачку
After all the "necessary things" be sure to praise her, give a treat. Repeat this process again and again until the dog finally remembers the location of the tray.
как научить собаку к туалету
If you have not had time to bring the animal to the toilet, prekretnica at him and immediately drive to the tray, so the dog done where necessary. The corner where she blithely began emptying the bowel or bladder, wash thoroughly and sprinkle "Antigadin".
If you have a large house or apartment, you may initially to restrict the freedom of movement of the dogs, closing her access to most areas. Gradually, as training her the "right" toilet, open one room after another. The dog will regard these actions as a form of encouragement.