Think about any questions or requests that you refer to the Minister of defence. Seek help from a lawyer if your letter is a complaint or petition, or if you are unsure of the correct procedure of application to official. If you write the standard treatment, search the Internet rules of writing such letters. Find out the name of the Minister of defense and the address to which you will send the letter (with all the necessary information search the Internet or ask them to provide it to the authorities).
Learn the basic rules of writing a letter to the Minister of defence. Avoid flowery phrases and words with a pronounced, expressive color, also try to formulate short and clear sentences. Not to paint a letter on multiple sheets, it will reduce to the minimum possible volume and thus make sure that the meaning of your treatment is clear, and the letter can be perceived in two ways. Do not write veiled phrases clearly and correctly Express their thoughts. If you are unsure of the spelling and punctuation errors, be sure to give your letter to a specialist.
Divide the text into paragraphs, don't use exclamation marks, the most important part of the letter can be underlined, italicized or in bold. Do not change the color of text and background. Change the font and its size also unacceptable when writing letters.
Enter the text of the letter on the computer and print it. Make sure all the words are clearly printed and the sheet is not stained. Do not forget to specify the date of writing the letter, put your signature and to decrypt it.
Send a registered letter with a notification to make sure about getting him Minister of defense. If necessary, put in a letter envelope with a return address to receive response to his appeal.