Write a letter in electronic form and send Kadyrov via his official website www. The top of the page in the right corner is a button with a picture in a paper envelope. Click on it and you will open Microsoft Outlook, through which you will be able to send email. If you don't use this email client, hover over the mail button, and the bottom displayed email address of the head of the Chechen Republic. You will be able to send email by logging in to your e-mail and writing this address in the "to".
Your website is and the government of the Chechen Republic ( The button with the envelope also is in the upper right corner of the website. Use the new Outlook form or rewrite the address in a special field in your e-mail, and the mail will be sent to Ramzan Kadyrov.
Among the heads of state became popular to join to the people, setting the stage for "Twitter" and "Live journals". A personal blog and Kadyrov. The head of Chechnya are on the website "LiveJournal" nickname ya-kadyrow. You can use all of the available services livejournal — write a commentary on the recording Ramzan Akhmatovich or send him a personal message that can't read strangers.
Of course, a letter to Ramzan Kadyrov, you can send by normal mail. Write a letter on paper, put into envelopes, stick stamps and send on the address of administration of head and government of Chechen Republic: 364000, Grozny, St. Garage, 10.
If you want to draw to the problem attention of the media, please send your letter to Kadyrov in the newspaper. If the editorial Board considers your case is interesting and worthy of consideration, she will send a letter to the head of the Chechen Republic and will try to obtain its comments.