Write in appropriate action conditions. To write quickly, bent over, leaning on his own knees, hardly able to even the most experienced clerk. In order to write the text in speed mode, you need to sit at the table, which will resemble you in stature. Also need a chair with a backrest.
Take a comfortable pose. Need to sit with a straight back, leaning on the back of a chair. Keep the body straight, keep that head and shoulders were straight (don't slouch). Feet on the floor, ensure your knees are bent at ninety degrees. Distance between table and chest should be two palms.
Put a sheet in front of you so that its lower left edge was at the center of your chest. That is, the paper should lie slightly to the right of your torso.
Pick up a pen, which will be appropriate for you. This is done by trial and error. Try to store several kinds of different thickness, shapes, of different materials. Choose a rod that will allow you to write faster (thin or thick, depending on your preference).
Hold the pen correctly. For quick emails hold the handle with three fingers so that the thumb and forefinger kept her, and she lay on average. Ring finger and little finger stay slightly bent, relaxed and motionless. Do not squeeze the handle, try to keep it effortlessly, without straining.
If your hand, despite the correct position of the fingers, still tired, maybe you need to train her. Get a grip and deal with it for ten minutes a day. For children created a special "gum" for the development of the brush hands.