Of great importance in speech is vocabulary is richer than he is, the brighter you will be able to Express my thoughts. So we have to constantly work on its completion. For this it is necessary to systematically perform exercises aimed at the development of the dictionary. It is important to not only remember the existence of certain words but also to actively implement them in everyday speech.
Every day choose one word (a noun, adjective or verb) and try for a certain period of time to pick him as much as possible synonyms, and then antonyms. It is desirable that they were close to your professional field. Be sure to write down the result on a sheet of paper, and after looking for other options that came to mind from alternative sources, for example from the Internet. Training does not necessarily free up time, because they can be made on the way to work and back.
Add every day in your speech a few new words that you have not used or used very rarely. You can rent them from a list of synonyms/antonyms, record on a separate sheet and hang in a prominent place. So you will constantly run into them and remember. Do not try to adopt a large number of new words and expressions, it is better to gradually include them in the speech, no more than 1-3.
Train your memory – memorize by heart the verses and passages of the works. This is the basis for the beautiful presentation of thoughts. Thus, you will be able to avoid the situation when the word seems to be on the tip of my tongue but can not remember.
Read more and among the variety of literature give preference to the classics, whose works are the standard of eloquence, such as Pushkin, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky.