The only way to save space is to fold the crinoline and remove a shelf. And this is the main challenge. The rules of the crinolines folding is not described anywhere. Of course, you can go to the Studio, where the manufacture of Hoop skirts, and there a little bit, and not even in every city. And you can even try to fold the frame for the skirt.
If you bought the crinoline assembled, do not try to remember how it will look, when you take it out of the package. This happens so quickly that you just do not have time to understand and even more to remember.
First remember how to fold the baskets for toys, Laundry baskets and all kinds of kids tent. At the core of these products is wire. At the core of the crinoline, too, sometimes use wire, but most of all, of course region. It has properties in the frame of the crinoline is very similar to the wire.
If your crinoline three rings or less, operate from all available rings. Put them on top of each other, take as the wheel of a car, turn to make eight. Turn the resulting group of eight around and put its circumference at each other. Then put the crinoline into a bag, tie and can be removed for storage.
If your crinoline more than three rings, each action take two. Alone you can not cope, so make sure to have a number of someone who will be able to hold the crinoline and later the bag for him.
Fold the ring at each other, take the top two and put them eight turn figure eight backwards, connect its circumference and have an assistant hold them in the folded position. Also gently fold the next two rings, but in the other direction. When all rings are assembled, close the layers like a book and place it into the storage bag crinoline.
When the crinoline back, smooth it out and let it hang and straighten.