You will need
  • - vest;
  • - pants;
  • - scarf or bandana;
  • belt;
  • - holster with pistol:
  • - camisole;
  • lošinj;
  • - boots;
  • - cocked;
  • - sword;
  • - silk shirt;
  • - breeches;
  • - a hat with a brim;
  • - a piece of fabric for the belt.
The most simple version of a pirate costume is made of vest, loose pants and bandanas. Fits any vest – camisole, short or long sleeve. Strips can also be any color. They are sold in many shops – "Old soldier", "soldier of fortune" and "working clothes". Pants I can use regular athletic cotton knit. Trouser legs should be rolled.
In creating the right image is important shoes. Sneakers are not very suitable, it is better to put on flip-flops or sandals. Socks are not required.
The headpiece can be made from the bright shawl. Throw it over your head. Gather the ends at the nape and tie a knot. You can sew a bandana. The second scarf will look great on the neck.
Belted best normal leather belt. The buckle may, for example, the anchor. Tie on a belt holster with a toy gun (even two, because the pirate must be armed to the teeth).
A pirate can be very elegant. If you have the opportunity to get a theatrical costume of the eighteenth century – can become, for example, in Peter's blood. Coat, cocked hat, lace jabot, tights and high boots will make you a true Lord of the seas and oceans. It will not hurt and sword. Of course, on the beach in that outfit is pretty hot, but in the club at the time.
As you know, the scourge of the seas was not only English but also Spanish pirates. If it is not possible to make a full costume of a Spanish grandee, limit bright silk shirt with wide sleeves. The collar and cuffs decorated with lace or embroidery. You can sheathe and chest, making something like a lace frill. Velvet or velvet breeches, white stockings, shoes with decorative buckles and outfit ready. Will be adding a wide-brimmed hat, a wide belt of leather or velvet, sword or gun.
Another pirate costume consists of canvas pants, and leather jacket on a naked body. Roll up your pants above the knee. Waist wrap a piece of cloth. To the belt and attach the holster with the gun or the sheath with the sword. The headpiece can be of any suitable bandana, Tricorn, hat and military cap. The shoes for this costume is not needed.
Captains of pirate ships were women. Bloody Mary costume consists of a long wide skirt, light blouse in a folk style, white knee socks and elegant shoes with high heels. Head lady pirates, you can wear a bandana, and waist to wrap a wide silk belt (for example, made from a scarf). Can't hurt, and pistols.