You will need
  • - material of the corresponding color — green, marsh, dark blue, light blue, or cloth of two colors, e.g., blue top, green bottom.
  • the bead-like sheen in the sun scales
  • - ribbon, similar to algae
  • - all kinds of shells and fish, which are also can be sewed on the suit.
Let's start with the fact that you can make a suit consisting of a top and skirt or pants, and also costume can be solid. Of course, the more advantageous it will look separate suit, because a mermaid is always depicted in the swimsuit and the tail.
The top can be a bikini top, crop top or blouse with long sleeve at your discretion. Of course, the suit will look more like the costume of a mermaid, if your upper part will be in the form of the bra, decorated with beads, braid and fringe. But if it's a Christmas party, sew a regular top with a short sleeve, also decorate it. By the way, we can do gloves, a headband or a necklace of thin strips of material push the large balls of colored beads.
But the top — not the main part of the costume. No matter what you will have the upper hand, the suit mermaids are the first thing judged by the tail. This is a particular problem.
The tail can be simulated, greatly reclusive pants towards the bottom. But a mermaid, your child will be more like a skirt. How to sew a skirt with a tail? If you just want badly to make narrower the skirt to the bottom, then you know that it is very uncomfortable when walking. This option is not suitable for a fun and energetic holiday.
Insert the skirt wedge. It will provide freedom of movement. And by the wedge screw in the tail cut out of foam and fabric.
Sew the tail to the skirt so that it does not touch the floor. Your child will be comfortable in this costume and the outfit will look really fabulous, especially if you don't forget to decorate it with beads.
Instead of headbands if you prefer, you can use a wig. You can also make a beautiful hairstyle for your daughter and shove a Bobby pin in the form of blue or green flower or bow.
Costume ready. To suit can choose a beautiful handbag and put the mirror in the form of shells, scallops, and toys.