Warn party members in advance about the theme of the evening. Ask them to dress appropriately or prepare yourself colorful shirts for men, simple tops and skirts for women. If the party is held outdoors and the weather is favorable, the girls can walk around in swimsuits and tied at the hips, pair.
Decorate the room in the beach style. Use flowers, palm trees (or plants resembling them), garland. Don't forget about the musical accompaniment of the evening.
Greet the guests the traditional Hawaiian "Aloha" and wear the neck beads of flowers. You can buy them or make your own. Simply cut paper flowers, curl the petals and string on a thread.
Prepare special dishes for the luau. If you do not want to suffer, there is one secret. The dish was Hawaiian, place the pineapple. For example, prepare snacks of French bread, butter, slice of bacon, slice of cheese. Hoisted on this building is a slice of canned pineapple, an olive, and secure all with a toothpick, but better color with a skewer. As a main dish can be roast pork with papaya and if conditions allow, to prepare a semblance of our skewers of chicken fillet with pineapple. Do not forget about exotic fruits.
Prepare cocktails such as mojitos, piña coladas, Blue Hawaii. For this, pre-purchase and refrigerate all the ingredients and freeze the ice in sufficient quantity. For those who like strong drinks, ask the rum.
Arrange a dancing competition. Tell the guests that the Hawaiian hula dance, you can talk about everything with gestures, gaze, emotion. Let each of the dancers will perform their task, and the winner will determine the audience.
Don't forget the Hawaiian game "limbo". Its essence is to ensure that the participants must pass under the crossbar (which gradually sank below) and not to touch her body.