Make a list of the gyms of the city. Your task is not to repeat existing names. This blurs the concept – you will constantly be confused with competitors. However, if any word or combination you like, write it on a separate page of the notebook – maybe in the future it can be successfully beat.
The choice of the name depends on what services you plan to provide and what audience targeting. If the main contingent of women, the name of the club should be beautiful and impressive. Men have a short and unambiguous name, without unnecessary frills. The hall in which you will receive men, women and families with children should have a neutral sign that will suit all target groups.
Leave alone the abstract word is "fitness", "Wellness", "style", "sports" and the like. People will come to your room not for the mythical "fitness" - they are interested in beautiful shape, relief of muscle or to shed excess fat. Great idea – a name directly pointing to the body parts that need work. "Women's" rooms can be named "Thalia", "Superform" or "World legs," male "rocking" suitable names like "the Muscle", "Biceps" or "Press".
Not necessarily be limited to the name of one or two words. Try a broader name, such as "Studio of the beautiful body". This phrase is not required to come up with additional slogans and explaining signatures – the concept of institution is set out very clearly and immediately understood by potential customers.
The name should be well remembered and always be at the hearing. Think about visual perception – the appearance of the signs is also very important. Try on a future sign original combinations like "90-60-90", or "20 inches". In these names there is intrigue is certainly of interest to future customers.