You can go the beaten track and call kids club: Sunshine, Friendship, Rastishka, Antoshka, Bell, Firefly, Snow, rainbow, Brook. But such names are many, and the idea inherent in the word, should show your imagination and originality. Focus on the age of the children – it is unlikely that some of the proposed are suitable for 10-13 year old kids.
How to name a kids club
Kids love the familiar words with a positive meaning. They like stories that ends well, and their funny characters. Small children will love to visit the club with the title: Kolobok, Teremok, Golden key, zaykina hut. Select a few sonorous names, and invite parents to vote for their favorite. Kids can be offended if you choose not what they wanted, so it is best not to connect to such matters.
How to name a kids club
The older children already know how to negotiate with each other, they can be trusted with the choice of the name of the club of the few approved adults. It can be: Barmaleyki, restless, Nafanya, an Anthill, And Pear, giggles, Funny Friends, Cunicelli, Shalunishki, Masterski, Puniwai on, Bunty.
How to name a kids club
Club, where children engaged in physical development, needs to reflect that focus in the title. Often it may be associated with some animal or object: the Rope, Dolphins, 38 Popugaev, Beacons, Float, Running on the waves, Lord of the Rings, Bears-Gummi.
How to name a kids club
Creative kids ' club where children learn painting, music, literature, needlework, I will Express quite different names. Example: The Artist's Brush, The Craftsmen, The Mighty Handful, The Land Of Fantasies, The Tale Of Wandering, Master, Code Growth, Flashlights, Games Room.

If the club children learn about nature, suitable for the following names: rainbow, Flower meadow, Summer Rain, Blue Frost, Volnushki, Pet.
How to name a kids club