The title should reflect not only total sport oriented store, but to be more narrowly focused. For example, for a store selling sports clothes, and store specializing in sports equipment, the process of selecting the names should be different. However, this does not exclude the possibility of coming to the same result.
Use store name derived from the word "sports" immediately makes clear to consumers the focus of the store. But remember that beauty and attractiveness of the names play a major role. For this reason, for example, the name "Sporting goods" will not be the best option, as associated with the Soviet store. And he, in turn, is associated with inconvenience. This title can go to sports shop, stylised under the Soviet store with all distinct attributes.
Much more suitable names such as the Sport Market, Sport, Trend, Grand Sport, Sport People. In fact, many of them are, anyway, similar to the "Sporting goods" but, first, sound more beautiful, secondly, meet the tastes of consumers, and thirdly, to inspire more confidence due to the use of English words. The conclusion – the name must meet the demands of consumers.
Also as the name for a sports shop you can use the names of famous mythological or historical figures. Examples of such names can be "Spartacus" and "Atlant". Check how the name will be written in Latin, perhaps it will look more presentable: Spartak, Atlant.
In the name of the store to reflect a geographic component. For example, in one way or another to use the name of the city, the country or area. An example of this can serve as Kirov Sport.
Try to find a name using sports symbols, names of tools, slang. For example, "Athlete", "Athlete", "Three rod" etc.