The process of creating a sports club can go in two directions: a) non-profit organization; b) the commercial club.In the first case, when you create a club, follow the Constitution and the "Federal law on noncommercial organizations" №7-FZ of 12 January 1996. Club create on the voluntary initiative of citizens, and this means that each entered into such a Union has equal rights with the rest, and all decisions are made at General meetings. A club member can be any citizen who submitted the statement of acceptance.
Make the founding documents and register them. The founders of the club can become a proactive person (not less than 3), which organizes the meeting of the future members of the club. At the General meeting is accepted log the decision on its establishment, Charter club, selected the management team and the composition of the auditing Commission. From this point sports club is established and starts its activities as a public organization.
To register, within three months after the General meeting, you must collect and submit to the local bodies of justice the following documents: application for registration, signed by the leaders of the club, showing their places of residence; the Charter of the club (2 copies); extract from the minutes of the General meeting decision on the establishment of the club and the choice of its governing bodies; the list of founders of the club and information about them.
A separate package, provide financial documents, proof of payment of the registration fee, information about the legal address of the club seal.
Commercial sports club ready to create on the basis of the sports complex. In this case, the club, register as a limited liability company in accordance with the Federal law "On limited liability companies" No. 14-FZ dated 08.02.98 g).
The founder may be one person or several owners, who created authorized Fund. Build the package of statutory documents and make you make a share owners and collect the General meeting of shareholders, which adopted the Charter of the company, is appointed General Director and chief accountant.
For state registration in tax inspection at the place of residence you must submit the following documents: the Charter of the company; minutes of the General meeting of shareholders; the registration statement, the form Р11001; receipt of payment of registration fee.