You will need
  • ADSL modem, computer
Back to the beginning of the ADSL-modem in the default settings, it will help you to use the IP address of the modem. This will be the first step for connecting points of access.
Pay attention to the instructions attached to the modem, and find all about the settings. Connect the modem to the network card of your computer.
Be sure to configure the network card so that received automatic information of the IP address.
Open your browser the most preferable for you and enter the address of the modem. Enter the box password, user name. Search for these data in the attached instructions to the modem. Connection point access based on the entered options, so try not to make mistakes.
Configure your modem connection to the Internet, by entering the VPI and VCI specifying the connection Protocol. Be sure to save your settings.
Check the Wi-Fi adapter and restart the modem.
Turn on the computer again, go to modem settings and check is there a setting to automatically obtain an IP address. Check all settings again, compare the resulting address when the modem settings and connection to the Internet (gateway IP address). Go to some site to verify the effectiveness of the work. Your point of access configured.