Advice 1: How to change the access point to the Internet

When you connect to the Internet in the modem settings it is usually necessary to specify the point of accessthat differ for different operators. Incorrect access point leads to connect to the network fails or the connection is very unstable.
How to change the access point to the Internet
The need to change access point can occur, if you for example use a USB modem and moved to another region where the mobile operator uses different settings. The modem settings start with finding out the exact spelling of the access point, this information usually is on the provider's website. You can find it in any office of your mobile operator, or calling free phone support.
Insert the USB modem into the connector on the computer. After OS will detect the modem automatically begins the installation recorded in its program memory Internet connection. You will be prompted to select the language folder to install the program, etc. Usually all these settings are default. If the program is already installed, it will start when you connect the modem.
Specific program options of different modems and providers may differ, but the General procedure for the access point settings are the same at all. Running the program, find the tab "profile Management", it can be in the menu "Settings" - "Options". Look for the opened tab APN is the access point. Enter in the desired value – for example, internet (for MegaFon), ("MTS"), (Beeline), etc.
In authentication field, enter the phone number of the ISP used for connection. For "MegaFon" and "MTS" is *99# for Beeline *99***1#. Enter the username and password the user usually is not necessary, the program puts them automatically. However, in some cases, you may need to enter them manually. Password and login MegaFon - McAfee, MTS - mts, Beeline – beeline. Remember that in different regions, these data may differ.
Entering all required data, save the changes and try to connect. If everything was done correctly, your computer connects to the Internet. Don't forget to open the connection properties and note the bird point "When connecting show icon in notification area" - then the tray icon will appear in the connection.

Advice 2: How to make a smartphone access point wi-fi

The use of a smartphone as a hotspot Wi-Fi is quite simple - after making some settings, the Wi-Fi signal will appear as an ordinary wireless access point to which your other devices can connect. Using this function, you will get simultaneous Internet access for multiple devices.
How to configure the access point
Similar to how the iPhone can be used as an access point Wi-Fi, a smartphone on Android, since version 2.2 (Froyo), can also be used as mobile access points. This allows the joint connection to the network to 5 other devices, including cell phones, tablets, and computers. The communication function of the Wi-Fi is built into all Android devices.

As a smartphone to make a point of access Wi-Fi

Turn on portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Android smartphone. Go to the settings screen on your phone. You can get to it by clicking on the "Menu" button when you are on the home screen and then selecting "Settings".

Find the option "Wireless & networks". You should see the menu item "Modem and access point". Click the box next to it to enable the access point and the phone will start acting as a router. You should see a message in the notification bar when this setting is enabled.

To manage the access point, press "options hotspots Wi-Fi". You will need to do this if you don't know the default password that will be created for your hotspot. It will be necessary for you to connect to other devices. In these settings you can also change the default password, security level, router name (SSID), and also manage users connected wirelessly.

With each of the devices you want to connect to the Internet, find an access point Wi-Fi. Probably this will be done automatically - your computer, tablet or smartphone, will likely notify you that it detected a new wireless network to connect to. If it is not displayed on the Android device you will be able to find the wireless networks under Settings> Wireless & networks> Wi-Fi settings. Connect, entering the password you noted above.

Things to remember when it

Make sure you shut off function Wi-Fi hotspot when you no longer need shared access from other devices as this may discharge the battery of your mobile phone very quickly.

Default portable hotspot Wi-Fi is likely to be created with WPA2 security and a common password. If you use this function in a public place or concerned about the level of security, it is better to change the password before enabling the signal.

Keep in mind that your mobile operator might charge you extra for this feature or apply constraints when using it, therefore please check your plan or contact your carrier for more information.

Advice 3: How to connect a modem to the access point

To expand the local area network there are lots of different ways. If we are talking about a wireless point of access, it is most reasonable to connect the modem, which will transmit a signal to other devices.
How to connect a modem to the access point
You will need
  • A network cable.
The modem or router you can connect to the access point in two ways: wired and wireless. To get started, create a cable connection. Connect the new router to the device, which was created by the access point.
To do this, connect the WAN port (Internet) router with LAN connector (Ethernet) other equipment. This method of connection will allow you to create a new wireless access point.
Connect to the channel of the LAN (Ethernet) router, the laptop or computer. Open a browser and enter the address IP of the device.
Click Internet Setup (network setup). Set router a new static IP address (if necessary) and assign the LAN port of the main channel of access to the Internet.
Click Wireless Setup Wi-Fi). Create access point is similar to that which already exists. Of course, change the SSID (Name) of the new wireless access point.
If, however, the possibility of cable connection equipment is missing, the settings must be altered.
Click Wireless Setup and configure the connection to the wireless access point. Disadvantage of this method is that you can't create new wireless network.
Connect all the computers and laptops to the Ethernet ports (LAN) of the router. Go to Internet Setup. Allow all local computers to use the wireless connection of the router to access the Internet. Enable the DHCP function to configure the local network settings on each computer.
If this feature is missing, then open the properties for the network adapter on any computer and go to properties of TCP/IP. Locate items in the "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server". Enter the IP address of the router.
Fill in similarly the item "IP address" by changing the last segment. Repeat this setting for all other PCs or laptops.
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