How to check balance on MTS for your room

You can check the balance on MTS by making a special request to *100# from your mobile phone. After a few seconds your number will come SMS message with information about the status of your account, or the data will be immediately displayed on the screen after entering the command. To find out the costs for certain tariff plans and services, packages SMS and MMS, dial *100*1#. If you want to know the balance for packages of additional minutes, MMS, SMS and GPRS with a limited term of use, use the request *100*2#.

Try to call at anytime to check the balance on MTS. For this, enter the mobile phone short number 0890. This call is free. To call from a landline or mobile number of another operator, dial 8-800-333-08-90 (call charges apply). Tell the operator your phone number and inquire the status of your account balance.

To check the balance on MTS, you can use Internet assistant. You can dial from your mobile phone *111*25# to get the password for access to your personal account. Sign in from the official website of MTS, or mobile telephone link that will come by SMS. After the page has loaded you will see your personal details, including current balance on the phone.

To check balance on MTS , please contact one of the offices customer service operator in your town, providing the employees with the passport. It is convenient that the shortage of funds in the account you will be able to immediately refill it without a fee, handing over the required amount to the specialists office. If necessary, ask also disable unnecessary services and services that increase your cost of mobile communications.

How to check balance of another subscriber of MTS

You can check the balance on the phone of your friend or relative with the help of "the Balance of another subscriber. You can get through the "Mobile portal" typing from your phone *111*2137#. It is also available from systems of self-service "Internet Assistant" or "Mobile assistant" when calling the number 111. You will be prompted to enter the desired number to check his balance.

You can also send an SMS message with a combination of numbers 237 to number 111. Following the instructions, find out the balance of another subscriber of MTS. The use of these services is free of charge within the network of the operator.