You can clear the memory of the phone "Samsung" manually. Remove the memory card from the phone, if it is, and connect it to the computer. Remove all information, including the folder in which it is located. After that, delete all the files from the phone memory. In most cases, you can highlight multiple files and delete them, which will greatly accelerate the execution of this task.
You can also remove all files from phone memory Samsung, synchronizing the device with the computer. You will need a data cable and driver for a computer and software for synchronization. If these components are missing, download driver and from the site in the section "Support", and data cable buy in magaziene cell technology. Install the driver, then install the software. Connect your phone to the computer using data cable and make sure that the synchronization software "sees" the phone. Select the files in the phone memory, is designed to remove and click "delete". Restart your phone and disconnect it from the computer.
You can also reflash the phone, thus erasing all personal information. To do this you need software for this operation, and also clean firmware "Samsung". Use the search engine in order to find her. Firmware version may vary depending on the model of your cell phone, so the best option is to download from specialized sites such as either
Use the codes reset firmware. These codes are erase all personal information from your phone's memory, leaving only the original system data. Call tech support, located on the website either email e-mail e-mail. You need phone ID (IMEI), which you can read by typing *#06# or opening the back cover of the phone and looking under the battery. It is necessary to verify the service capability of your mobile phone.