You will need
  • phone;
  • - information about your phone.
Note that the simple phones with Java better adapted for cleaning the SIM card. In this case, you must do the following:- go to the "Contacts"section;
- select "Delete";
- enter a choice of two options – "Delete all" and "Delete one";
- click the option "Delete all" (it should be done carefully and once not to accidentally remove useful contacts);
- go to menu "SIM card" and click on the screen "OK" as confirmation of their actions.
Expensive phones, like the iPhone, this feature is missing, so here is act different:- install to clean a SIM card, any program Manager (e.g., Cydia);
- sync with an empty iTunes my phone, as a result of such actions the SIM card to be cleansed.
Android operating system is installed in the communicators, here clean a SIM card, perform the following:- go to "Contacts";
- select the menu item, through which will not display all the recorded contacts, but only those that are on the SIM card;
- click Menu";
- select the proposed options "Delete";
- select in the list of action options "item Menu";
- select "Select all", then click "Delete";
- confirm the intention of their action by clicking "OK".
For smartphones BlackBerry you need to do the following:- go to phone book;
- go to contacts located on the SIM card;
- select them all and hit Delete;
- confirm the intention of their action by clicking "OK".
For phones that have operating system "Symbian", perform the following steps:- go to the "Contacts"section;
- select the appropriate option under the title Settings;
- select "memory Use " SIM card";
- mark all or specific contacts and remove them.