You will need
  • the program NulDe
After installing and running this program immediately will inform you about the access.
Click the option to Scan the drive, the program asks which drives you want to scan. Remember that this function will only show the empty folders and files, but delete will not. Make it your own. The scan lasts 2-3 minutes, the program will show found files and folders.
In order not to delete information, scroll through the list and exclude the desired folders. Click on a specific item from the list, you will see a pop-up menu through which filppu remove or exclude the file from scanning.
The main function of the program go to the menu "cleaning debris". After you select approaching option the program will scan and remove all the debris. In the end you will see the size of the deleted files.
Click next function menu – Personal trash. Here you will find two buttons: the first Show and the second to Find. If you give the command "Find", the program will display the found folder with debris. Delete them manually. Remember that if you ran a cleanup, these folders show up empty.
The "Show" command will open an expanded list of garbage files.
Review the menu item "Information". You will receive information about the creators and the help.
Option "Catching errors" is a mode in which the program itself monitors the status of its functionality. If an error is detected, is issued error code that you can send to the developer.
Open the "Settings" window. Examine the behavior of the program.
The removal of small icons you will get with settings "Folder mini-image. If you choose configure "Auto-scan", the scan will start automatically when you start the program.
If you introduce the option "Autocollimator", then run automatic cleanup immediately when you run the program.
"Avtocesta personal waste" pick in that case, if you want the cleanup of debris was carried out automatically.