Remove any memory cards that are in the phone (MicroSD, SD or MiniSD). Make sure the phone is switched on before you continue.
Choose "Contacts" on the home screen of your mobile phone to access the contacts list. Scroll through the entire list, selecting each name and deleting the entry for it. Read the instructions to your cell phone to figure out where the option "Delete record".
Open your text messages (SMS) to the phone. Most models have an icon that you can choose on the main screen to switch to the app where you can compose, send and read SMS messages. Go to "Menu" application and select "Delete all". Press select to delete read and unread messages. Once you are done, return to the main menu.
Remove all media files: music, videos, photos, and multimedia directories. Click on "Delete all" menu or individually select each file name, and then click "Delete" to erase them all.
Open your calendar and delete all the entries. Make sure when you select this option from the menu you put a checkmark on the proposed removal of the history of the calendar as many events are additionally stored in it.
Start your email settings and remove all registered contacts. This can be the email address under which you originally received a notification about setting up your phone.
Navigate to the Notepad program and delete any notes that may be stored in memory. Make it for voice notes, if your phone has this feature.
Go to file Manager or memory Manager and delete any documents or files that reside in the internal memory of the phone (e.g., text files, mobile versions of Word, Excel).
Remove all third party programs that are downloaded to your phone. In the main menu, select "Phone Info" and clear any other available information.