In smartphones with the Symbian operating system has a hidden drive Z:. Built-in file Manager it is not visible but can be seen using third party software (FExplorer, X-Plore and Y-Browser). The user can freely browse all the folder tree on that drive to see any files, but delete any of them or you cannot change the contents. This is due to the fact that disk Z: is intended for storage of firmware and write protection is introduced specifically to the virus could not damage the appliance completely.
If the file is on the disk do not have write protection, but remove it is still not possible, first check its attributes. Use the file Manager third-party vendor. Select the menu item corresponding to the edit mode of the attributes (the location of this point depends on the version of the program) and make the inactive attribute is Read only.
A file on an unprotected disk and do not have the attribute Read only, may not be removed for the reason that he is busy or another application. In a multitasking phone , close all running programs one by one until you can delete the file. Symbian OS list of tasks is caused by long hold the button to open the menu. You can also close a program that is not responding, with the file Manager FExplorer. Do not attempt to close with it, not programs and processes, especially those which you do not know. Sometimes even after the completion of all programs to delete a busy file is available only after you restart the phone.
If a file that is not occupied by any application that is not removed by means of phone and is stored on the memory card, try to use a card reader. If you do not help and it, check the switch position of write protect on the card (if any). Finally, the card can force myself to Read only to prevent data loss, if it is heavily worn. Then immediately make a backup copy of the card and format it. When the same situation happens, replace the card with another one.