You will need
  • - Appman;
  • - Launcher;
  • - FExplorer
Use the option to save SMS messages to the SD card to increase RAM of phone.
Delete the system file C:SystemDataApp c.dlb designed to store data about installed apps. Recovery Buda performed in the automatic mode, but will free up to 0.5 MB of RAM.
Use a memory card to save all information and select the least resource-intensive antivirus application.
Do not use java and based on it programs and disable active mode. Standard theme and the distribution of menu icons in folders will return up to 1 MB of RAM.
Use the Appman app to disable services:- screensaver;- autolock;- watcher;- USBWatcher;- faxmodem;- LogServ;- SRCS.
Try to reduce the color display up to 65,000 colors. Visually, this action is not perceived, but allows to increase the operating memory of the phone.
Use the FExplorer utility to change attributes of all folders. Open E:SystemApps and install the function-file-set-attributes-hide-on. Do not change the attributes of the FExporer! Restart the phone to apply the selected changes.
Evaluate the ease and effectiveness of application Launcher: just turn the phone off, put it on charge and then on again. This will allow you to return up to 3.7 MB of RAM.
Turn the Bluetooth off and clear the memory of the phone.
Check Recogs folder on the memory card and delete it.
Try downloading the mobile device in safe mode. This allows you to release some memory.
Don't forget to do a soft reset - restart your mobile device to shutdown unused applications.