First, understand, what are the main categories of hits in the search, and take myself to any of them. If you disappeared from home, did not appear at work, acquaintances, friends, and in the other usual places, never return calls, never show up in any way at least three days and you have a person who cares about you, then no doubt you're wanted. Verify this by coming to the nearest police station. Note that the missing persons, the police is looking for 15 years.
Inquire at the police station - you can search for next-of-kin if you didn't get in touch with them. Then the search will last 5 years. Again go to the police station and explain why you do not wish to communicate. Please note that your address, the police can only give your consent if you are and adult person.
Check yourself in the database among criminals. Criminal investigation is very different from the others. Just go to the police and to ask whether in search, and come out with a positive response will not succeed. Go to the official website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country. There are pictures of wanted criminals. Also check out the website of Interpol, if you've done something serious on an international scale.
Pay attention to the ads with portraits, hung on poles and special boards. Also, you will be wanted, if during the conditional period, you and reason not noted in militia.
Learn not are you among another category of wanted – young people who do not wish to serve in the army, ie "draft Dodgers." If came the summons to the military Commissariat, and was personally handed to you, and you ignored the appearance, that is most likely to be wanted. To know for sure, ask relatives to go to the military Commissioner and see if he filed a written appeal to the internal Affairs bodies.