You will need
  • — an application to the court;
  • — passport;
  • — IOU or loan contract;
  • — the decision of the court;
  • — writ of execution;
  • — statement by the bailiffs.
To legally collect the debt, contact the arbitration court with the statement. Present your passport, a receipt or credit agreement. If the transfer of money or other valuables were present witnesses, the court will consider their testimony.
On the basis of a judicial decision, having the writ of execution, you have the right to obtain information about the debtor in any banking institutions and tax authorities in FUHRT, requesting an extract from the unified register. But to know about the property – it does not mean that to recover it you can.
If the debtor absconds and to collect the debt yourself you can't, contact the court bailiffs. This is especially true if the debtor does not work and has no Bank accounts. In accordance with the mentioned law you have the right to contact the Bank or at the place of work of the debtor with the application and the writ of execution. These documents will be the basis for enforcement of the debt on wages or transfer funds stored in Bank accounts of the debtor to repay the debt.
In the case of property from the debtor is available, but it is not working and has no Bank accounts, you do not have any independent right to describe and sell valuable items. This involved the bailiffs, attracting the help of the police.
Contact the bailiff with a statement in a certificate and the writ of execution. After three working days your application will start enforcement proceedings. If the debtor absconds, then the investigation will deal with law enforcement agencies on the basis of the instruction of bailiffs.
To search for the debtor can be brought to all competent authorities dealing with these issues. As soon as the debtor is found, the bailiffs will describe and implement his property. If the property is not in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation the debtor may be subject to forced labor. Time is not limited and can last until full repayment of debt by writ of execution.