You will need
  • - Private documents;
  • - pictures of the missing, a list of special features etc.
Contact the Department of internal Affairs at the place of your residence or intended place of disappearance of the person. The police officers are obliged to take your statement, regardless of its territorial jurisdiction and the time elapsed since the person disappeared. If faced with stubborn opposition from the police and contact to the higher authorities.
Take along your own documents. If possible, provide pictures of the missing person. Best of all, if it's photos taken in the street clothes in which the person disappeared. If not, provide just more new photos.
Describe the distinguishing characteristics of man: scars, birthmarks, peculiarities of gait, speech. Check to see if he took with him the documents proving the identity. Remember what the missing person was wearing, any distinctive features in his / her wardrobe, personal belongings, accessories: markers, engraving, etc.
Provide as much information about the circle of acquaintances of the missing person, the scope of his interests on conventional routes. If you know something about the existing conflict with someone else, debts, property disputes, etc., please inform us about that.
Provide information about the dental clinic, which was observed missing. If people took voluntary fingerprinting and dactyloceras you have, bring it – it will be necessary to identify the body, if the worst did happen.
Get a ticket-notification of acceptance of the application. In a day or two ask the police officers involved in the investigationof om in your case, what are the primary results received. As a minimum, must be available information, checks the records of the police Department and medical institutions.
Please note that if you have good reason to assume that people didn't just disappear, but became the victim of a crime, you may require in the prosecution of a criminal case on the fact of illegal actions by unknown persons.