To get on the website of the program "Wait for me" and to seek information about the missing or those who should move on In the center of the page that appears is a field in which you are prompted to enter the name and surname of the person can look through the project and ask search.
Since the site is in Russian, then data should be entered only in Russian language. Also, the search should specify the personal data, which people know those who can to find him, especially if the last meeting was many years ago. For example, a woman who married and changed her last name to obtain reliable information should check who looks in the "Wait for me" and girl's personal data, and in the present.
After sending a query to a search the system will display the processing result on the monitor screen. If the database contains application with the same name, the links and features shown will be reviewed. Opening the search result, you can see the history and data of the person seeking. Also in the left corner are invited to fill form for a more detailed search, in which, besides the name and surname, it is necessary to designate a person's sex and year of birth.
To find out, if in "Wait for me", you can use another search option available from a website for abandoned seeking man application. To do this, in the top bar of the home page, select "find a person", and then proposed two kinds of searches to choose from. Opening the tab "search by requisition number", enter the application number and ask search. But this kind is effective only in the case when probably already know someone who's looking for something, and you want to know more detailed data. In other situations, the application number is impossible to know and, therefore, use them inappropriately.
If suddenly the TV news there was information about who is looking in the "Wait for me", on the site you can view the video in the recording. For this search you need to enter an approximate time, to designate the country in which the broadcast transmission, specify the type of the plot (the main edition, or search the roller). With the help of a detailed request, the system will display the result, looking which can understand who are looking for "Wait for me", and who sought.
If correctly specified the personal data, these search options to no avail, it could mean only one thing – in the database until there are no requests with that name. But to a relative or friend at any time could find someone on the site "Wait for me", you need to create your application, by registering on the project website. In this case, the details about who can search, will be made in the General register and in the case of a request of another person is immediately displayed in the search result.