You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - your personal data;
  • data wanted person.
Open the front page program "Wait for me". Sign up on the website, putting the necessary data. To do this in the header of the page, click on the word "register". After registration, log on to the website and your personal account. To do this, enter the specified at registration e-mail and password.
After login, you will be in your account on the site "Wait for me". If you wish to apply to the program for the first time click "Add new application". Will open the form "New request", where step by step you will be prompted to enter all the known data.
Use the link "edit" to indicate someone who is looking for. A new window will open, there enter your name, date of birth, gender, address. When fill in all the required fields, click "Save". The program can calculate that to determine your application as a "priority" is not enough information. But it does not hurt you to continue to make it and additional data will be able to enter later.
The next step, "Confirmation of contact information of the author", not mandatory, but greatly accelerates the search. Enter your e-mail for quick contact, click the "Get code". After a few seconds the address will be sent. It will have the code, copy it in the "Code that you received by e-mail".
Confirm or refuse participation in the filming of "Wait for me". Often the harmony speeds up and simplifies the search of the person. If you want your story was announced in the television show, select most suitable option from those listed.
Go to the "Wanted by the application." The link "edit" will open a window to enter the necessary information. Use all the data you have, then the search will be faster and more effective. Save your entries.
Create a history for edition. In her email, I was wanted man, why seek it and how lost. Also, indicate any information that may help in the search. Be sure to save your story.
In the step "Complete registration" please answer the final questions on your search. Confirm that you consent to the reading of the entered information. Click the "Create and send to the editor". Now your application will be handled by professionals.