You will need
  • - AMD Control Center.
Integrated graphics are installed to increase the life of the laptop battery life. Typically, these video cards have relatively low power. To enable integrated graphics card enough to turn off discrete graphics card. Open the device Manager.
Locate the "display Adapters". Click with the right mouse button on the name of your graphics card. Select "Disable". In the appeared warning window, click OK. After removing the external video card automatically starts the integrated video card.
This method is not applicable in that case, if you need to change the video card from integrated to external. Restart the notebook. Press F2 or Del to enter the BIOS menu. Find there your built-in video card and install it in front of the Disable parameter.
This method is recommended to use only in the case if the integrated video adapter is installed on the Intel chip. Be sure to check the option to switch off this option on the website of the manufacturer of your laptop. If you have an AMD CPU, use a special utility. Go to the website
Find the right side of the page is a menu "Download drivers". In the Category menu of the component, specify the parameter Notebook Graphics. In the menu "product range" select series discrete video card, e.g. Radeon HD Series, if you have a Radeon HD 5470.
Under product model, select the appropriate set of models. In the last menu, specify the operating system installed on the laptop. Find the program Catalyst Control Center and click Download.
Install the downloaded program and restart the laptop. Open the software and select AMD PowerXpress. Select "High performance GPU".