How to install a graphics card?

In order to properly install a video card, you need to perform a number of operations in a particular order. In particular:

  1. Removing faulty graphics card. This control Panel section System tab Equipment included in device Manager. Here we find display Adapters. Choose a set in a given time on the computer the graphics card and using the context menu right mouse button to open the Properties. Here we go into the Driver tab, and delete where old software video.

  2. Turning off the system unit, disconnect all power cords and cables. Remove the cover, Unscrew the fixing screws, take out old graphics card.

  3. Plug-in connector motherboard new video card and fix it with the mounting bolts. Return to the place cover, connected the monitor and all power cords and cables.

  4. After the Windows operating system will automatically detect the new device automatically starts the setup wizard detected equipment. Downloadable driver disk, new video card, which usually comes with it. Run it on the file setup.exe or install.exe. Next, there will be automatic installation of the device.

  5. Restart your computer.

If for any reason the driver installation will fail to find in the Internet the latest driver and after downloading the file similarly run them on your computer.