Download and install the software environment Framework.NET. Is a set of libraries from Microsoft that are required to setup ATI video cards. Open a browser and go to Click the "Download" button and confirm saving of the file. Then click on the downloaded boot loader twice and to agree to the installation of the package Framework.NET. After the installation, restart your computer.
Download the latest version of the driver for your graphics card. Once again, open any browser and go to official page to download the installation file, namely Click the link most appropriate for your operating system, if you know what version of Windows you have on your computer. If you do not know, click on the link Download now, in this case the best version of file for you will be determined automatically. Confirm the download archive.
Install the latest version of the driver and ATI control center. If you have an older version or a program damaged by a virus, then the new control center video card will still be installed. Answer the wizard's questions, usually to a successful conclusion, it is sufficient to press the "Next" or "Next". Be sure to restart the computer after installation.
Run the application Catalyst Control Center by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. Another option — look in the system tray near the clock icon small red dot (or ATI white inscriptions on a red background) and click two times left button on this icon. Wait for a while Catalyst open for quite a long time even on powerful computers. Go to "Common tasks displayor Multiple displays in EyeFinity". In these categories you will find all the necessary settings Manager display ati.