You will need
  • Computer, small Phillips screwdriver, second card, initial skills for work with computer
Make sure that you install a second graphics card possible. This motherboard should be the second slot PCI Express x16. You can find it in the instructions to her. Also, read, the combination of which graphics cards are supported. For example, on the motherboard with chipset AMD may not be able to work a pair of Nvidia cards.
The graphics card should be similar to that already established in the ideal case – exactly the same. When purchasing, pay attention to the cooling system of the card. First, it should be effective, and secondly, it should fit in the case, to interfere with her can extension Board.
Open the side case cover and install the card into an available slot. However, she needs to stand up straight, the strip contacts are completely hidden in the slot. Secure the card with the screw.
Install connection bridge between the cards. It can be set as to the motherboard and the graphics card.
If necessary, connect additional power to the installed graphics card, check the proper connection and close the housing. Turn on the computer and in control panel the graphics card check for updates or configuration.