You will need
  • Two SLI video card.
If you are faced with this situation, as the lack of VRAM in the PC games industry, then two cards will add horsepower to your computer. This is the main reason of buying two graphics cards. Among other reasons can slip in the idea of being better than your neighbor who has only one video card.
Two cards can be joined with a special adapter that you can buy in a specialty store. The adapter connects both the video card and the image on the screen is transmitted by means of cable that connects to that adapter. Dual video cards can be used for other purposes: to connect to a single card computer monitor, and the other to connect your TV or second monitor. This method of using two video cards is called the "Second video output".
To connect two graphics cards, you should check their connection type. An important condition for the joint work of these boards will have the same connection types. The best option is a PCI card. If the cards will vary, we will not receive the desired effect. They will work, but appreciable growth we wouldn't notice. It is worth noting that when you install two graphics cards of different capacities should not forget that in the first slot you need to connect a more powerful card. When connecting two video cards the same brand, use innovation from Nvidia – SLI technology.