You will need
  • - Driver Pack Solution;
  • - access to the Internet.
After installing the operating system or upgrading your graphics card will begin to search the suitable software. The main part of the video cards produced by technology companies nVidia and ATI. Specify the model name used by the video card.
Visit the website or Go to the menu "Support and drivers". Fill in the offered form. Pay special attention to the first paragraph of the table. Select Desktop or Notebook depending on the type of the used computer.
After filling in the table click the Search button and download the offered software. Run the file installer and follow the installation program instructions step-by-step menu.
When working with mobile computers can be some difficulties associated with the selection of the suitable drivers. Most often this problem occurs during the use of Intel processors together with graphics cards ATI. Visit the website
Boot software that is required to configure the integrated GPU. Install the downloaded SOFTWARE. After that again try to install the drivers for your video adapter.
Restart the computer or laptop. Right click mouse on empty area of the desktop and open the AMD Control Center or nVidia Control Panel.
Configure the parameters of the adapters. While changing the configurations of the mobile computer, specify the name of the active adapter. Disable automatic change of video cards when connecting (disconnecting) the power cord.
For updates and activation driver in automatic mode, use Driver Pack Solution. Always create a restore point operating system before every modification of the parameters of the drivers.