As a rule, modern external video cards are the best compared to the built-in characteristics. Poet users buy a discrete video card inserted in AGP slot or PCI-E and forget about the existence of the integrated device. However, it may be necessary to switch to integrated graphics card – for example, in the case that external failed. Disconnect the computer from power supply, disconnect the video connector from the interface cable going to the monitor. Remove the side panel and remove the video card from the slot. Connect the cable connector to the integrated graphics.
Turn on the system unit. After booting and short sound signal POST at the bottom of the screen displays the message "Press Delete to Setup" is an invitation to enter BIOS setup (Basic In-Out System). Instead of Delete can be provided, another key is likely F2 or F10 depending on the manufacturer. Go to Setup and find a menu item that defines the configuration of the integrated devices. Perhaps it will be called Peripheral Setup Integrated Devices or.
In the list select Init.Graphics Adapter Priority – the priority of the boot graphics device. This option can be called, depending on the BIOS version, VGA Boot From, or Primary VGA BIOS INIT Display First. Install the first downloadable device has an integrated AGP/Int – VGA. Press F10 to save the configuration and exit the BIOS. Confirm your decision by pressing Y.
To any device to work properly, it is necessary to install the appropriate driver, which is usually supplied with the equipment. If you can not find the disk or diskette with the driver on the built-in graphics card, visit the website of the motherboard manufacturer and download the drivers from there.