You will need
  • AMD Engine Control Center.
The advantages of using two graphics cards can only assess people who frequently use the laptop without connecting the power. The fact that integrated graphics need much less energy. Consequently, it allows to extend the operating time of the device without recharging.
Some laptops have the operating system automatically switches between graphics card, sometimes it has to do on their own. And ways of the decision of this question quite a lot.
If you do not wish to use one of the adapters, then disable it. To do this, open the properties menu of "My computer" and navigate to the device Manager. Examine the equipment list and locate the video card. Click the right mouse button and select "Disable". Click Yes to confirm the operation.
If after turning off the adapter the screen goes blank, restart your notebook. The system will automatically switch to the second graphics card.
If you are using integrated video card, installed on the processor company AMD (Radeon), then switch the graphics card can software.
Visit the website and download from there the program that's right for your graphics card. We are talking about the integrated model. Install the AMD Engine Control Center and restart the laptop.
Click the right mouse button on the desktop. Select "configure AMD PowerXpress". You will see a menu displaying both video. So you can see which device is involved at the moment. Click on the labels representing the second video card, and click "Apply".
If you want to have graphics card changed automatically when connecting/disconnecting the power, then activate the item "Automatic selection of low power GPU when running on batteries".