You will need
  • - AMD Catalyst Control Center;
  • - Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.
To use the desired card, reboot the laptop and log in to the BIOS menu. Locate the point responsible for the operation status of the adapters. Select the one that you want to disable and select Disable. To enable this, equipment will set the value to Enable.
If you need to make both video cards active, then click Enable for both devices. Return to the main menu of BIOS and select Save & Exit. Press the Enter key.
Remember that two video cards can't work simultaneously. Ie they can both be active, but in a specific period of time is only one video card. Open the properties menu of "My computer" and navigate to device Manager. Make sure that both video cards enabled.
Now install the AMD Catalyst Control Center, if the notebook includes a processor company AMD. Restart your laptop and launch the application. Configure the parameters of the adapters. If necessary, activate the automatic switch devices when you disconnect/connect power supply.
If the laptop includes a Intel CPU, then install the Graphics Media Accelerator from this company. Restart your laptop and run this utility. Configure collaboration settings integrated and discrete graphics cards. Pay attention to the fact that the original will always be the active onboard video card. Ask yourself the list of programs at startup which activates a discrete graphics card.
Do not disable unless you absolutely need one of the adapters. Try to use your discrete graphics card only in cases, when power is not enough the integrated adapter.