If you need to switch the active video adapter, follow this procedure through the BIOS menu. Restart your laptop and press Delete (F2) to open the advanced menu. Select BIOS and press Enter.
Now open menu of your BIOS, responsible for managing the adapters. If it has a switching function of the video card, do the activation procedure for the device. If such an item is missing, simply disconnect an unnecessary device. Pay attention to the fact that it is extremely not recommended to disable the integrated graphics card, running on Intel CPU. This can lead to loss of image at all.
Reboot the laptop and make sure that is currently active needed the video card. To do this, open device Manager and see which graphics card is enabled.
If you could not switch the graphics card through the BIOS, then use the additional utilities. For integrated adapters, working with Intel, such a program is called the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator. Download the version of the utility which contains the drivers for your integrated graphics card.
This program will automatically switch the video cards. You can adjust the settings and programs when you run you want to add a full video card. To do this, open the program and go to the Options menu.
In that case, if the notebook includes a processor company AMD, download from the website the program Catalyst Control Center. Run it after restarting the laptop. Select "High performance GPU" or "Low-performance GPU". When activated, these parameters will start a full or an integrated video card, respectively.