You will need
  • - drivers for the motherboard;
  • - drivers for CPU;
  • - drivers for a discrete graphics card.
To quickly switch the active graphics adapter use software running in a Windows environment. This method will save you from having to restart the computer to change the graphics card.
Install Everest. You can also use a free analogue program Speccy. Run installed software and find out the CPU model and a discrete graphics card.
First, find and install the drivers for the integrated video card. Visit the developers website the CPU or motherboard. The choice of drivers depends on what device is integrated video card.
Install software required to manage graphics. Restart the computer and verify that the device is stable.
Now locate the drivers for the discrete video card. Most of these devices are manufactured by companies ATI and Nvidia. Visit the websites of these companies. Fill in the table located in the "Downloads and drivers".
Download the software appropriate for your video card. Install it and restart the computer.
Open the installed software. In the case of graphics card of Nvidia Corporation this program will be called the Control Panel. Find the menu, responsible for the selection of the active adapter. Click on "Integrated charge" or "Discrete card". Wait for the change of the graphics device.
If you are using a Radeon card firms, run the AMD Power Express. It was mounted together with the drivers of the graphics card. Select "Low energy consumption" or "High performance". They represent integrated and discrete circuit Board, respectively.
Configure auto adapters. Changes the active devices will occur when you disconnect/connect the mobile computer to AC power. Of course, this option is not available for desktop PCs.