If stopped working replacement graphics card in your computer has a built-in, you should disconnect the faulty device and plugging the monitor into the connector of the built-in graphics card. Typically, this connector is located next to the connectors for mouse and USB devices on the rear panel of the system unit. The computer will load and display the image on the screen, so you can continue working.
If you don't have integrated graphics, in order to turn on the computer without a video card you will need to enter the BIOS. Click Del to boot the OS during RAM testing. In BIOS go to Standard CMOS Features and look for Halt on – conditions for terminating the download. Item All Errors forces you to stop downloading in case of any error (including lack of keyboard). Select No Errors – then the system will continue to boot for any errors. In different versions of the BIOS should look for similar wording, e.g., Halt On Errors, instead of All, select None. But assuming that you have no graphics card, will not be able to output to the monitor.
Still, if you have an older computer, you can use a PCI video card or buy it from private stores to upgrade computer equipment. The cost of such cards is very small, but it is enough to work on the computer, if you burned your new video card. Yes, to play modern games you will not succeed, but to work with documents, install/uninstall FOR it is enough. You may have to work with the PCI video card, you need to configure in BIOS the initialization of the adapter with the PCI bus, but most likely this will happen automatically without your intervention.