Advice 1: How to connect pedals

Many people want to get more enjoyment from games. And they come to the aid of a gaming device, but in our case it is the pedal and steering wheel.
How to connect pedals
You will need
  • In order to connect pedals you'll need rudder and a little skill the use of the control panel.
Connect the pedals to the wheel. Inspect your wheel and locate the inputs for the pedals. It is usually do to the right or behind the wheel.
How to connect <strong>pedal</strong>
After connecting the pedals to the wheel, plug the wheel to the computer. Steering out of a USB output. Take it and connect to an available USB port on your computer.
Install drivers for the gaming device, if available.
If not, open the start menu, click the left mouse button on the icon control panel. After opening the control panel, click on the icon of the gaming device. In the off window, click properties.
You will see the settings window of the gaming device. Pressing the pedal and watch the window. If the cross in the window is moving, the computer recognizes your gaming device.
Next you need to calibrate the device. In the same window, click settings. Click or tap calibrate. To receive the calibration wizard gaming devices. Click next. Click on the pedal. Another window appears in which you need to push all the buttons of the gaming device. Click next, and finish. All, your device is ready for operation.
Make sure wires are connected correctly.
If you have on the device, any bulb, see if they will illuminate when the device is connected to the computer. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that the device is connected.
Useful advice
Do not press hard on the pedal, it may cause damage.Try not to spill anything on the device.

Advice 2: How to operate the pedals of the bike

Many novice cyclists inevitably raises the question of how to improve the effectiveness of Cycling to get tired less and pass more. Of course, much depends on the fitness of the cyclist. But there are still a few secrets, using which the rider will quickly reach the desired results. One of these secrets is a way to touch the pedals. In terms of Cycling this is called pedaltion. The right pedalmapping – the key to the success of the entire bike.
How to operate the pedals of the bike
You will need
  • The bike computer.
What is included in this concept? The essence of the method lies in the fact that the pedals need to rotate, not push them. This technique implies pedalmapping with a high "cadence" (the frequency of rotation of the pedals). It will require less energy to evenly distribute the load on the knees and leg muscles and allow you to ride faster and farther with less fatigue. The cadence must be in the interval 60 to 90 rpm (revolutions per minute). Some athletes twist pedals with frequency up to 150 rpm. But this is a matter of training.
Most people are accustomed only to crush during the movement of the pedal down. In fact, efforts should be made throughout the range of turnover the pedals. Very good suit for that special attachment pin pedal or tulips with spikes.
Try to practice pedalRui while driving one foot. Cool, the pedal is not only forward but also down and back and pull up on the "return stroke of the pedal (only one foot). You need to feel on every spin force is distributed evenly, without jerks and failures along the entire length of the circular motion. Continue to develop the technique of circular pedalin ACCOR dance until, while rotating one leg will not become uniform and smooth. Once you have understood and felt the need to turn the pedal with one foot, try the same principle to work and the second leg.
Tap on <strong>pedal</strong> <b>Bicycle</b>
Twist pedals of a Bicycle smoothly, rotating them in a circle. Gradually you learn to do it, making efforts for the total turnover. For a more accurate estimate of the frequency of rotation of pedals use Cycling computer.
Tap on <strong>pedal</strong> <b>Bicycle</b>

Advice 3: How to connect the steering wheel and pedals

In connection with rapid development of computer and video game industry, the market began to appear a new device for extended use of the usual computer games. Such innovations set including handlebars and pedals. Today, some games require the presence of the wheel, which was also invented in parallel to its land counterpart. When connecting these innovations can be problems associated with the lack of specific software in the operating system.
How to connect the steering wheel and pedals
You will need
  • Interactive kit the driver of the car.
When you install this device, you should pay attention to the correct step-by-step connection. As a rule, instruction that included this device helps to fully answer all of the questions associated with the connection. Connect the new device according to the instructions. If you have a disk with drivers, do install them. The connection of this device you can continue fine tuning.
In the operating system Windows XP has a utility that can help you in setting up a steering wheel and pedals. Click menu "start" - select "control Panel" - "Game controller". On the screen a new window will appear "Gaming device". This window displays a list of installed play equipment. If you are installing for the first time, tools for games, the list will be empty. To add a new device, click "Add".
In the opened window "Add game controller" you will find the list of "Gaming device" and select the type of the connected equipment. Check the box next to "Connect the wheel and pedalsat the bottom of the menu.
In the opened window, select the type of your device, if your device wasn't there, click "Other". In the new window, select one of the following options:
- joystick;
- gaming tablet;
- the steering wheel or control arm;
- control racing car.
Select the type and specify the number of areas that will be used by your device (2 or 4). Also should specify the number of buttons found on the panel of your device. Among other settings you can use the switch view (top view, cockpit view, rear view). To activate this mode, enable the option "There is a hat switch". The last step in configuring the new device will be entering his name in the "Controller". Then click "OK" to return to the main screen for Game controllers.

Advice 4: All about effects pedals for guitar

How boring it would be guitar without effects pedals. Would have to enjoy only the kind of acoustic sound with adjustable volume control. It is largely thanks to these effects and born styles such as jazz, Blues, rock-n-roll in all its forms.
All about effects pedals for guitar

Why the need for lotion

Effect pedal or stompbox guitar floor switch, distorting or giving additional hints of guitar sound.

Every pedal usually gives only one musical effect. Sometimes there are models on two similar effect. In contrast to the "home" of musicians, professionals just need a set of lotions for more powerful, deep and clean sound. All the necessary effects form a chain. For example, according to this scheme: guitar-wah-compressor-Overdrive modulation effects (delay, reverb, Flanger, etc.).

Kind of pedals

The meaning of the effects of distortion and Overdrive in the distortion of the guitar sound, turning it into a growling sound, without which it is impossible to imagine rock music, although today this effect is used almost in all styles of contemporary music.

Most people when they hear the phrase "guitar thing", imagine what the effect of the distortion/Overdrive or Overdrive. It can be considered the most popular selling of all the effects among aspiring rock guitarists. After all, kit and consists only of guitar gadgets distortion and combo amp.

These pedals can be performed by a tube, transistor or digital technology. The difference between Overdrive and distortion that the Overdrive gives a much less distorted sound.

Reverb just necessary for a professional musician, performing melodic party for a spectacular release, creating the impression of the game in the concert hall. Really get involved in this effect is not necessary, and that the audience will be heard porridge instead of ringing.

The chorus effect gives the impression of dubbing tunes with several instruments simultaneously. Gives the tunes a special lightness and volume of the sound.

Sense effect pedal delaya in the delay sound that allows you to get a fading repetition of the signal echo. Repeat time signal be easily adjusted by the rotary knobs.

Flanger allows you to get a flying effect, even a jet sound. Similar in sound is the Phaser effect, but it has a more rich and soft sound.

Very unusual and interesting distortion gives the effect of Wah-Wah. It is also called "wah" because of similarity of sound. It has a movable foot pedal and is used mainly when playing solo parties.

During the performance, just need a compressor pedal. This tool aligns notes in the volume in the game. So there are no gaps signal or Vice versa no note stands out. Can be used on the rhythm, for example, in the Blues, and solo parties.

Octaver creates the impression of the game at the same time two or three instruments, but in different octaves. Honestly, this pedal is rarely used.

The equalizer allows you to add separate frequency and volume that you can turn on at a certain point in the game. You can, for example, be used to allocate a solo, including the pedal directly in the beginning of the party.

The most popular manufacturers of lotions are considered to be company Boss, DOD, MXR, Dunlop. This brand is available almost in every music store. The cost of each of the pedal starts from$ 100, i.e.$ 500 you can build a decent chain of effects and sound is not worse than famous musicians.
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