You will need
  • Interactive kit the driver of the car.
When you install this device, you should pay attention to the correct step-by-step connection. As a rule, instruction that included this device helps to fully answer all of the questions associated with the connection. Connect the new device according to the instructions. If you have a disk with drivers, do install them. The connection of this device you can continue fine tuning.
In the operating system Windows XP has a utility that can help you in setting up a steering wheel and pedals. Click menu "start" - select "control Panel" - "Game controller". On the screen a new window will appear "Gaming device". This window displays a list of installed play equipment. If you are installing for the first time, tools for games, the list will be empty. To add a new device, click "Add".
In the opened window "Add game controller" you will find the list of "Gaming device" and select the type of the connected equipment. Check the box next to "Connect the wheel and pedalsat the bottom of the menu.
In the opened window, select the type of your device, if your device wasn't there, click "Other". In the new window, select one of the following options:
- joystick;
- gaming tablet;
- the steering wheel or control arm;
- control racing car.
Select the type and specify the number of areas that will be used by your device (2 or 4). Also should specify the number of buttons found on the panel of your device. Among other settings you can use the switch view (top view, cockpit view, rear view). To activate this mode, enable the option "There is a hat switch". The last step in configuring the new device will be entering his name in the "Controller". Then click "OK" to return to the main screen for Game controllers.