Press the Guide button on your controller. Hold until, until the controller and game console.
The power button on the console itself just hit and release. Be quick for twenty seconds, press and release the connect button on the housing of the controller.
Wait until the indicator lights next to the power button on the console will not finish flashing. When they stop blinking, it would mean that the controller is connected.
In that case, if the controller does not turn on, check if the batteries. In your controller you need to use AA batteries. If they don't work, then insert a new one.
To power the controller, you can use a special device - Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit or the Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit.
One console can connect up to four controllers. So, if you want to connect more controllers to the console, repeat all steps for each controller. In this case, each of them is assigned a specific quadrant. Around the power button on the console and the Guide button on the gamepad are four LEDs that correspond to the quadrants.
In order to disable the controller, press the Guide button and hold for three seconds. After that, turn the controller off. If you turn off the console, the gamepad itself to reconnect the next time.
Also keep in mind that at one point the controller can be connected to a single console, and if you want to connect it to another console, the connection with the first have to interrupt.
If gamepad does not connect, then try to do the following: 1. Turn off the console, and after a minute turn it on again
2. Replace the batteries in your controller
3. All items that are between the controller and the console, get it, especially if these objects are sources of radiation – microwave ovens, televisions, mobile and cordless home phones, metallic and chrome-plated rack and .d.You have a good connection and good game!