You will need
  • Personal computer, Internet
Before connecting the joystick to the Xbox to the computer, you first need to connect it to the console. To do this, insert the plug of the cord of the controller into any USB port of the console.

To turn on the Xbox with a gamepad, you should press the button "Start". Also this can be done by pressing the Xbox button of the Navigator. (If you have a need to disable the controller, then you need to pull the plug out of the socket. It is very important that you have to pull the plug, not the cord). Now the joystick is connected to the computer. Next you need to connect the joystick to your computer.
Program to support the Xbox for Windows allows you to use the Xbox joystick on a computer with Windows XP operating system. For this you have to download the program. This can be done with the web site This is the official website of the company that provides the necessary software. Download the desired program. Next, install the downloaded files. To do this, run the installation file and specify the install location. It is best to install in a system directory of the hard disk.
Then connect a gamepad of the Xbox to the USB port of the computer.

After you install support Xbox controller for Windows and plug in gamepad to USB port of your computer, if you want you can check his work. To do this, go to the Windows control panel and select the icon "Game Controllers", that is "Game control device". In this connection Xbox joystick to the computer is completed. Thus, it is possible to connect a gaming device, only the software is different for all. Here are all the steps that you'll need to connect the joystick to Xbox computer. In General, it is very simple to follow step-by-step instructions.