Advice 1: How to configure joystick 2

Whatever the number of games not released on the PC, it will never become a full-fledged gaming platform, such as console. And because the tincture of the car games may be problematic: for example, problems often arise when connecting two gamepads at the same time.
How to configure joystick 2
For each controller, customise your. Connect your device to PC and install the necessary software. Among other things, will have to install the software for the calibration of the device: run it and check the performance of all functions.
It is undesirable to have two wireless gamepad, especially the same model. The receiver will not be able to distinguish the first signal from the second; or the second signal can serve as a hindrance. Check the technical support forum of the manufacturer. In most cases, however, the problem is unsolvable.
Check the type of communication device. There are two connection options: DirectInput (older) and Xinput (new). With high probability gamepad, released after 2010, uses Xinput or has the ability to switch.
Not all games support both methods of input. So, Crimsonland was released before the advent of Xinput, and therefore does not recognize the device operating in this mode. On the other hand, new games are often specifically refuse from legacy systems (such as Super Meat Boy). A positive example is a series of Shank, which happily coexist both ways of control. Make sure that each of the joysticks in a particular game is working correctly.
Under other equal conditions of the game quite correctly recognize the two controller at the same time. If the error occurs regularly – the device conflict with each other (probably they are from different manufacturers). To solve the problem can help change the above-described input methods: try a hardware (switch on the back side of your controller) or software (by installing additional software) to get the joysticks to work in different technologies.
On the contrary, if the error occurs in a single game, then it is likely that in the past the only thing can work with only one input method. So, Rayman Origins does not recognize the two controller as long as they work "asynchronously". Is both devices set to the mode (both – both DirectInput or Xinput), as the game starts to work correctly.

Advice 2: How to configure a gamepad

The controller — a version of the gamepad, designed to provide gamers more comfortable to play than a traditional keyboard and mouse. How convenient such a device is to judge each user, in order to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages, you must first configure a gamepad.

Overall his setup is a little different from settings of other types of joysticks.

  1. Gamepad, like any joystick, is designed for connection with game port. However, there are adapters allowing you to plug it into a standard USB connector and sometimes they come from complete with a gaming mouse. The connection to the game-port is better done when the computer is off, but USB it allows hot plugging and unplugging devices.

  2. From the disk that came with the device, install the necessary drivers and software for calibration. As a rule, it is not so difficult: the whole process is designed in the form of a wizard, and the user is only required to accept the default settings, and the result will be optimal.

  3. The calibration program can be invoked with the shortcut on the desktop or in the start menu". It will help to carry out fine-tuning analog manipulators, the controller, and assign actions for the buttons. However, in some cases, it is possible to use standard Windows tools, which can be accessed from the control Panel after installation of the manipulator.

  4. Every game where you want to use geypad be necessary to report its presence in the settings. In addition, a number of settings for the controller can also be made in a specific game. Typically, the configuration interface geypada in games simple enough to deal with it is easy even for a novice gamer.

Note that in a number of games to configure the gamepad so the gameplay has become more comfortable than using mouse and keyboard, is simply impossible. The controller is well suited only for certain genres of games in the first place — space simulators, to a lesser extent, for racing game. So do not expect this device impossible.

Advice 3: How to configure the joystick for games

The use of a controller (or, in the vernacular, "joystick") is not only very convenient to control games, but also allows gamers to play together on one computer. An obstacle that can serve only occasional compatibility issues.
How to configure the joystick for games
You will need
  • -Access to the Internet;
  • Disk with the drivers for the controller;
Examine the model and a compatible controller. Conventionally, all the joysticks for the PC can be divided into two types: Xbox 360-compatible and not compatible. Pay attention to the sticks – if the left is above the right, then this model from Microsoft. To date, only these joysticks can provide a comfortable game all because of the transition to the new standard of feedback, which is an old gamepads are not supported. Especially a lot of the problems will be with gamesmarked "Games for Windows" is finally translated into the new format products, and to work with the old management tools, they may not be.
Use emulator. To address concerns, for example Logitech Rumblepad 2, use the device emulator. This will force the game to think that you use the 360 controller, while you play with otherwise. Specific programs yet, however, there is a simple mechanism for replacing files, which is easily to find on the Internet. You will be presented with several files to download, software to debug the controller, and instructions on how it all works.
Use the standard Configurator on the installation disk. The disk driver is present in almost every controller: as a rule all work fine without it, but you lose, first, a stable feedback, and secondly – the software Configurator. Launching this software, you can assign keys to joystick any value: for example – the movement of the mouse cursor. That is, you can set keyboard buttons to a gamepad and play even in those products that joysticks are not supported in principle.
Configure the controller using the included game software. Sometimes, particularly if the product is ported to PC from consoles, within the game may not be available for configuration management. In this case, you should look for the configuration program is in the root directory, and set key combination before turning on the game. There are also the "launcher", which combine and configuration management, and connection of add-ons, and videoable. In this case, carefully review all items on the proposed menu to find what you need.
Useful advice
Only connect the gamepad before starting the game, otherwise she may fail to recognize.
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