You will need
  • emulator PCSX2;
  • ISO image of the PS2 game
Download the PCSX2 emulator from the official website of the developer. Please note that your computer must be running the latest version of DirectX, which can also be downloaded from the official website or on disk with new games.
Run the installer of the emulator. This opens the setup wizard that will ask about the desired interface language. Specify the type of videoplugin – SSE2, SSSE3 or SSE4.1. The owners of the Core2 Duo can set the last option, while owners of AMD will require SSE2.
Download bios for PCSX2 and in the installation window, specify the folder where it is located. The next window displayed emulator and the console, which will display all the processes of emulation.
Menu, "Run" is responsible for the in-situ emulation of the game. Download the ISO of the required game on the computer. In paragraph CD/DVD select "Use ISO" and above "Select ISO" and "Browse...". Then select "Run CD/DVD (fast)". Next, go to menu "settings".
Click on the "GS window". It sets the aspect ratio of the window, which emulates the game and the resolution. PS2 supports 4:3. If the game is missing the inclusion of the ratio of 16:9, it would be preferable to leave the first option. If you select a widescreen display, there will be picture distortion.
Item "Spitaki" improve emulation speed by different operations. Carefully use these options as there might be various problems and side effects in the process of the game. Sliders EE Cyclerate" and "Cycle Rate" the special effects are not given, so it is better not to touch.
Go to "settings" - "Video (GS) plugin settings. "Renderer" is responsible for used DirectX. In case of problems with the image of an item to be included "Interlacing". Turn off Native.
To customize the controls, go to menu "settings" - "Joystick". After performing the necessary settings to run the game (Run CD/DVD (fast)"). If in the course of the game , there are noticeable distortion, then you can always go back to the settings and change them.