Install the game, make sure that it provides for the connection of the joystick. Usually in games it is celebrated as a manipulator. It is necessary to run the game, enter settings, select the menu "control Settings" and view the information.
Exit the game. Extract purchased the joystick. Inspect the kit. As a rule, together with a manipulator is a special driver disk for it.
Install the drivers for the joystick on the computer. To do this, insert the disk that was supplied with the manipulator, and there perform the required actions by pressing successively on the necessary buttons.
Wait until driver installation. Remove the disc from CD-Roma. Connect the manipulator to the computer and wait for the system to detect it. It should be aware that when connecting a paddle using a standard USB port, the device will automatically be added to the list of gaming devices of the system immediately after making the connection.
Go to "control Panel". Select "Gaming devices" and click "Properties" - "Check". The joystick must apply a certain signal or Severinovich if he is OK.
Then start the game. Enter the menu item "Settings". Go to "Settings management". Put a tick in the line "Positioner", if it is not necessary, or select the corresponding menu item (depending on game).
Go to customizing buttons, putting necessary depending on the requests of the game and your convenience. Click OK or Save. Go to the game and check the operation of the gaming device.