Make the text of the telegram in capital letters clearly and legibly. Between words, place a pass in two spaces. Use the telegram of telegraphic language, which precludes the use of prepositions, conjunctions, and punctuation. The necessary punctuation marks are replaced with alphabetic abbreviations: comma – PTA, point – stop, brackets, SKB, quotes – KVCH. Characters such as +, -, ! , №, ?, % and other words are written without abbreviations. To refer to dates using Arabic numerals with the sequence day, month, year, because the spaces between numerals are placed.
Fill in the address of the telegram. If the destination is addressed telegram, has telegraphic communication, should specify the index name field, the name of the district name of settlement, street, house and name of the addressee. If telegraphic communication is missing, then specify only the district, region, locality and name of the recipient of the telegram. There are some rules for writing some words in the addresses. The abbreviation in such words: "korp", structure – "p" street – "street", the apartment "kV", – "d". This word house or "d" sometimes before the number is not specified. Fully written in the telegram words such as district, region, village, passage, Avenue, road, lane, block, Boulevard, and others. A telegram can be sent, in addition to the full address to a shorter address, po box, Poste restante, mail address field, river and sea vessels, to the number of received telegrams.
Specify the address and name of the sender. This part of telegrams to pay for unnecessary and it will not be transmitted by Telegraph.
Give the completed form of the telegram to the Telegraph operator that counts the cost, and pay for the sending of telegrams.