In the upper left corner of a sheet of paper, place the full name of your organization and, if necessary, the name of the structural unit, for example, "city of N." and "Management education".
In the upper right corner enter the recipient's telephone message. Specify the position, name and initials of the person: "the Director of the school № 37 Ivanov I. I.". If multiple recipients, specify the names no need: "the Directors of the schools of the city of N.". The telephone message attach a complete list of institutions to which it was directed.
The two line below, place the word "Telegram" and its ordinal number. For outgoing wires below, specify the date of its issuance.
Then follows the actual text of the telephone message: "February 22 at 17.00 in the Department of education held a meeting on issues of improving the performance of schools in the city. The turnout of school principals strictly necessary". Preparing the text of the telephone message, avoid words and phrases, it is difficult to perceive by ear and difficult to pronounce. Remember that the message should be descriptive and short – no more than 50 words.
When passing the wires clearly pronounces words, especially in addresses, names, names and patronymics of people, street names, dates and times of events. In the end, be sure to read the text again and make sure that your partner wrote down everything correctly. Taking the message on the phone, listen carefully. If you have any questions, clarify them immediately.
Under the main text is the position, surname and initials of the head of the signatories to a telegram: "the Head of education Peter brown". On the outbound document must also contain his personal signature.
The bottom of the page, specify the information about employees, who worked with message. Usually put to the left position, surname and initials of the person who sent the message, his office phone, and the date and time of transfer. Right have information about the person who took the document: position, surname and initials, telephone number, date and time of receipt.
Outgoing telephone message is issued in one copy and is stored in a special folder. The incoming message is better to have two copies: the first will give you the head for future work, second – place in a folder for safekeeping.